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A Vibrant History of Quality Cheese and Meaningful Relationships

Our journey began over 25 years ago. That’s when our founder, Pasquale Greco, purchased a cheese grater with a dream of delivering high-quality Parmesan cheese nationwide.

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Cheese Grinder IMG_0492@2x
Facility IMG_9642@2x

Two decades later, our dream has grown to three local facilities encompassing more than 1 million square feet of state-of-the-art excellence for distribution, aging, conversion and production.

Want your cheese grated or portioned? We’re on it. Need it in a specific container or package? We can do that, too. Our world-class operation allows us to create customizable packaging options designed to meet all your business needs.


All cheese is NOT created equally, and with Cheese Merchants being vertically integrated, we can provide the perfect cheese to suit your needs. Cheese is only as good as the people who provide it. With our unmatched resources and industry experts waiting to help, we provide unparalleled service in the cheese world.